University Alliance

University Fast Track Program

A CCIM designee is a...

  • Recognized expert in the commercial and investment real estate industry

  • Member of a global commercial real estate network of 16,000 with members across North America and more than 30 countries

CCIM University Alliance Program

  • Designed to help students and graduates achieve their real estate career goals

  • CCIM is the designation to pursue for professional education, networking opportunities, and industry‐leading technology in the commercial and investment real estate field

Benefits for University

  • Graduates of University Alliance universities can expedite their road to the CCIM designation by several years and save thousands of dollars through the University Fast Track program

  • Graduate and undergraduate students can join CCIM for $50 per calendar year

  • Access to the industry‐leading CCIM designation course content and real‐world case studies

  • Access to Site To Do Business, which provides invaluable market, demographic and trend research

  • Customized spreadsheets for detailed financial and market feasibility analysis

  • State‐of‐the‐art education on current trends through the Ward Center for Real Estate Studies

  • Networking opportunities through local CCIM Chapters

  • Annual Scholarships granted through CCIM's Education Foundation


Make it your goal to earn a CCIM designation!

Other Benefits for Students

  • Discounts to UT MBA students for CCIM designation courses

  • Great exposure and interaction with CCIM designees and chapter members

  • Work with students to arrange for a "Follow a CCIM For A Day" mentor program

  • Internship opportunities

Benefits of a CCIM Designee

  • Knowledgeable in theory and application

  • Equipped with industry‐leading technology

  • Connected to a global membership network

  • Ethical and committed to upholding the prestige of the CCIM designation

  • Equipped with the latest news and information

  • Dedicated to serving clients

How to earn the CCIM designee on the Fast Track Schedule

  • A student would need to join the CCIM Institute as a University Fast Track candidate.

  • The designation curriculum for approved students includes:

    • CI 103 course "User Decision Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate"

    • Online ethics course & negotiations training

    • Submit a Portfolio of Qualifying Experience demonstrating the depth of the student's commercial real estate experience

    • Final step is to pass a Comprehensive Exam, which tests a student's knowledge of the CCIM skill sets

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