We are pleased to announce the second annual "DEAL MAKING" Award Program offered by the CCIM Central Texas chapter. 

The purpose of the "DEAL MAKING" AWARDS is: 

  • To recognize the achievements of CCIM Designees and Chapter Members in the preceding year; 

  • Encourage excellence in professionalism within the Chapter; 

  • Encourage networking among Chapter Members; 

  • And to inspire light-hearted competition among the Chapter members. 

Eligibility - 

  • Must be a CCIM Designee or CCIM Candidate and a Member in good standing of the Chapter for AUSTINTATIOUS AWARD and KEEPIN'IT WEIRD AWARD 

  • Must be a Chapter Member in good standing for CCIM CONNECTION AWARD 

Entries - 

  • Must be submitted to the Chapter offices by Jan 31st of each year. Entry should include a Deal Making Award Application and proof of activity showing the details of the transaction. If certain information is to be confidential, then the cover letter should so state. 

  • If the transaction is a lease or other transaction, then the appropriate documentation should be presented so that the details of the transaction can be verified with the Principals. 

  • Transactions must be completed within the period from January 1 through December 31 of previous year. 

  • The member must have been a representative of the Buyer/Tenant or Seller/Landlord. Referral agent status doesn't qualify. The broker's company should appear on the closing statement or a document specifically stating that the broker was a primary agent in the transaction, which must be included in the entry. 


THE AUSTINTATIOUS AWARD - Awarded for the largest transaction accomplished by a CCIM Designee or Candidate of the Chapter. It is based on the size of the transaction, not the size of the commission. The transaction should be a single closing, even if there are multiple properties. However, a special category may be awarded for a multi-transaction "Tax Deferred Exchange", in which the cumulative amount of all the transactions can be totaled. 

THE KEEPIN'IT WEIRD AWARD - Presented to the CCIM Designee or Candidate of the Chapter whose transaction took the longest to complete. 

  • For Sales -The length of time in the Title Company will be the basis for determining the winner. However, if the committee so chooses, consideration may be given to a transaction where the same Buyer/Tenant and Seller/Landlord completed the transaction with the same CCIM broker, but where there were interruptions in the progress to completion. 

  • For Leases - The length of time from the initial proposal to the signed lease. The Awards Committee may require evidence of an unbroken chain of negotiations during this period.

(For Austintatious and Keepin' It Weird Awards): If two CCIM Designees and/or Candidates represent each side of the deal, Seller/Landlord or Buyer/Tenant, then, each shall receive the full award. If two or more CCIM Designees represent the same party, Seller/Landlord or Buyer/Tenant, then, the award will be split between them 

THE CCIM CONNECTION AWARD - Awarded for the most transactions between a CCIM Chapter Member and other Central Texas CCM Chapter Members during the preceding calendar year. Transactions may include commercial investment sales, commercial leases, lending, appraisal, surveying, title services, legal services relative to a commercial investment transaction or lease, and other services provided by Central Texas CCIM Chapter Members. Applicants are encouraged to complete the application form for this award. 

The Awards Committee: 
The Chapter President, the Immediate Past President and the Program Chairman shall constitute the Committee. 

The Award: 

  1. Recognition in the Austin Business Journal.
  2. Submit press release to publications. 
  3. An award with name, category won and year of presentation to be awarded at a future CCIM event. Free attendance to event. 
  4. Recognition in Central Texas CCIM Chapter Newsletter distributed to over 1,200 professionals 


2008 Winners Pictured Above (left to right): 
Buddy Francese, CCIM of Mutual Trust 
Ben Kogut, CCIM of Grubb & Ellis 
Eric Layne, CCIM of LH Layne Co 

2007 Winners Pictured Right (left to right): 
Scott Rosales, CCIM of Grubb & Ellis 
Eric Layne, CCIM of LH Layne Co 
Dick Janson, CCIM of JaNar Inc

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